Satab launches connected ribbons in global exclusivity

27 . 06 . 2019

The scope of this new range, which has generated the filing of 4 patents, is vast and even unlimited.

Anyone wishing to create connected objects using textiles is likely to be interested in this new generation of smart ribbons. In fashion, the e-ribbon becomes aesthetic or functional when a sweatband for sport stand in for a headlamp.

For the packaging sector, gift packaging becomes a message carrier by connecting to a smartphone. In the house, carpet and wallpapers in fabrics can integrate light markings. For personal protective equipment or health, connected ribbons become multiple sensors: heat, humidity, atmospheric pollution…

To facilitate the use of its e-ribbons, Satab has developed an ingenious and complementary range of 4 categories of e-ribbons.

  • Conductive e-ribbons carry energy but also information.
  • E-ribbons tools, like battery e-ribbons equipped with button cells, are used to power, capture or actuate e-ribbons conductors.
  • Non-conductive, interface e-ribbons make connection easier, such as cable tie tape or tape.
  • Lastly, the e-braids, containing 1 or 2 wires, which can be set with lugs, are ideal for adding elegance to the lamp electrical wire or inventing connected embroidered patterns.



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